Managing Access

How administrators at all levels can manage access to your company's research.
Navigate to your avatar in the top right-hand corner and go to Settings.
This is where you can manage your personal settings and company settings (to the extent that you have some admin control).
You can see all the organizations and teams that you have access to here on the side navbar, as well as other members.
Click on the Teams tab to reveal all of the teams that you have access to.
Click Expand on any team to reveal team-specific settings:

Administrative Control & Platform Roles

There are a small set of roles predefined at Kyso, that can be used along all the application. These roles are just a specific set of permissions grouped under the “umbrella” of a role.
These are the Platform Roles available:
  • Platform Admin (platform-admin). Full access to every single entity at Kyso. Also known as Global Admin. Full control without restriction.
  • Organization Admin (organization-admin). Full access but restricted to a specific organization. While the Platform Admin can make changes in every organization, an organization admin only can perform that changes inside his organization. An organization admin can’t:
    • Create new organizations. This should be done by the Platform Admin
  • Team Admin (team-admin). Full access, but restricted to a specific team inside an organization. A team admin can’t:
    • Create new teams. This should be done by the Organization Admin
  • Team Contributor (team-contributor). Allows to create and edit content inside a team (comments, reports, etc.)
  • Team Reader (team-reader). Only allows to read content inside a team
Consider that:
  • An user can play different roles in different organizations and teams
    • For example, the user “[email protected]” can be an Organization Admin in the organization “Kyso” but a Team Reader in the organization “Acme”.
    • That’s also true for teams, the user “[email protected]” can be a Team Admin in the team “my-awesome-team” in the organization “Kyso” but a Team Reader in the team “another-awesome-team” in the same organization.