Creating Reports In-App

Create content in the browser just like you would on Sharepoint, Notion or Google Docs

There are 2 ways to create knowledge in the browser:

1. Upload Existing Files & Folders

You can publish existing content by creating new files & folders on the UI, and upload from your local machine. These can be any format that Kyso currently works with:

  • Jupyter Notebooks

  • Markdown

  • HTML

  • Images

  • PDFs

  • PowerPoints

  • Video files (will render embedded in a markdown document)

Simply navigate to "Post a report" at the top of your Organization/Channel dashboard and select "Upload report files".

For file types that are relevant to your research post that we might not support yet, they will still be hosted and available to download by other users when uploaded.

2. Write Reports from Scratch

This is where you can create reports from scratch in Kyso's markdown editor just as you would on Notion, Google Docs or any other general knowledge wiki.

Kyso has it's very own built-in markdown editor. On the Organisation or Channel dashboard, simply navigate to "Post a report" at the top and select "Create new report in the UI".

This will take you to<organisation-name>/create-report/.

Here you can write up a report from scratch, embed images and code snippets, create new files & folders on the UI, and upload from your local machine. You can even build cool engineering process diagrams like Mermaid in the editor!


Simply click on the image icon at the top when you want to include an image. You simply need to supply the URL of the image you're linking to. If you upload an image to the report file browser and want to embed that image in the document, the notation is ./image_name.png, where . is the directory of the main markdown file you are editing.

We don't support image links with spaces in the name. So if you link an image in the report, do it like this:

![alt text](image_name.png)

and don't do it like this:

![alt text](image name.png)


Note that there is a 5MB limit on the combined file size of the report created in the Edit page. This is because these files are stored in local storage during the editing process. If your project is much larger, it is advised to document everything externally & to instead use the upload page to create this report on Kyso, which has a much larger size limit.

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