What is Kyso?

Welcome to the official Kyso documentation 👋 Kyso is your company's universal data portal for all technical and non-technical reporting and collaboration.

We built Kyso so teams and organisations could have a single reference point for all data-based reporting and collaboration, a platform that connects the technical - data scientists, engineers, biostatisticians, etc. - with the non-technical - everyone else around the business!

Kyso integrates seamlessly into technical workflows so publishing & keeping research up to date becomes automatic. Your colleagues don't have to waste any more time searching for, or requesting access to, research relevant to their role in the company; they can now just search & discover on-demand. Collaboration also happens directly on the reports with Google Doc-style commenting.

Kyso in Action

The video demo below takes you through the new Kyso platform, which has now been open sourced, so companies can self-host the product. Please tag us in an issue on the repository if you have any questions!

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started

Architecture and Deployment

There are 3 main feature-sets to the Kyso Platform:

1. Publishing and Sharing

Creating Reports In-AppKyso's Command Line ToolIntegrating with Git

2. Search and Discovery

Searching ReportsBrowsing Files & Versions

3. Collaboration

Report CommentsReport TasksBusiness Notifications

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