Getting started with Kyso
Welcome to official Kyso documentation 👋 Kyso is a company's one central knowledge hub for all data-based reporting and collaboration.
We built Kyso so teams and organisations could have a single reference point for all data-based reporting and collaboration, a platform that connects the technical - data scientists, engineers, biostatisticians, etc. - with the non-technical - everyone else around the business!
Kyso integrates seamlessly into the team's data workflows so publishing & keeping research up to date becomes automatic. Your colleagues don't have to waste any more time searching for, or requesting access to, research relevant to their role in the company; they can now just search & discover on-demand.

Create a Team

Once you have an account with Kyso, you can create a team. Click Create Team from the left-hand side navigation bar drop-down menu. Simply enter your team's name and click Create Team.
Now you can start posting reports (see below) and inviting your colleagues. You can add up to 10 members to that team FOR FREE. You can do this under Team Settings or by simply sharing the invite link displayed on your team's dashboard.
Verify your email domain in your team's settings. This is the easiest way for users to join the team, because you can then simply share a Kyso report around by email or in Slack, readers will be prompted to sign up when they click the link and, if they use the company domain, they will be automatically added.

Kyso Enterprise

We are also building enterprise solutions for organisations of all sizes across different industries, which include custom and (if required) private cloud or self-hosted packages. If interested, please feel free to book a quick chat with one of our team. We can discuss your company's use case and requirements, and our team's plans going forward.


There are 3 main feature-sets to the Kyso Platform:

1. Publishing and Sharing

2. Search and Discovery

3. Collaboration


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