Microsoft Teams

Keep Kyso and Teams in sync so the team doesn't miss anything

Current limitation: all event notifications are sent to Slack and Teams from Kyso. There is no option (currently) to customise your own communications preferences. This is only possible for email communications.

Below is a simple follow-along demo video to help you get started with our Microsoft Teams integration:

1. Select Team & Channel

To connect Microsoft Teams to Kyso, all we need is an incoming webhook URL from Teams. So in our office account, go to Teams, select the team in question and select or create the channel you want to publish this integration to.

2. Create the webhook URL

Next, we need to go to the channel connectors and add an incoming web hook. So click configure here and give the webhook a name and click Create.

3. Add the webhook to Kyso

This will generate the webhook URL, copy this to the clipboard. Back on Kyso, let's go to the settings of a specific organization, to notifications and add the URL to the Teams setting and hit save.

Now, every time some action is generated on Kyso, a notification is pushed to our new Teams channel.

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