Importing Files from S3

Does your company currently have 000s of PowerPoints, Notebooks, PDFs and other file types just sitting in an s3 bucket?

Note that this feature is available upon request only.

Our team has built a mass import option for pulling 00s, if not 000s of existing files currently stored in s3 buckets. See the gif below for a beta view of how it works on the UI:

You simply need your AWS key and path to the folder(s) on S3 and can create your own metadata mappings so all files are automatically categorised into Kyso Organizations and Channels on import. You can set default values for any file with missing metadata. And the files are immediately indexed full-text for search.

This workflow can work for a 1-time import OR a continuous integration, in which Kyso pulls in edited files in an s3 folder on a periodic basis or when executed.

This workflow can also just be run from the Command Line with the Kyso CLI if preferred to the UI option above.

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