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Keep Kyso and Slack in sync so the team doesn't miss anything
Current limitation: all event notifications are sent to Slack and Teams from Kyso. There is no option (currently) to customise your own communications preferences. This is only possible for email communications.
Kyso can be integrated easily with Slack, which will receive notifications when something happens in your organization or channel, for example, when a new report is created, or a new comment is written, just follow these steps:

1. Create a Slack App

Open Slack and choose the option Apps, under the menu More.
Slack Apps
Click on App Directory button, located at the top right of your screen.
Slack's App Directoy
Then, click on Build, located at the top right of your screen.
Slack Apps
Go to Your Apps in the top right of your screen, go to Manage your apps and click Create an app
Your Slack Apps
Click Create an app
Create an App
Select the option From scratch
New App from Scratch
Choose a name and select the desired workspace
Choose an App Name
Click on the section Permissions.
App Permissions
Scroll down until the section Scopes and add the scope chat:write to the Bot Token Scopes.
App Tokens
Scroll up to the top of the same page and click on the button Install to Workspace.
Auth Tokens
Copy the generated Bot User OAuth Token and save it for later use.
Auth Tokens
The Slack App configuration is finished, in the next section you will configure Kyso to use this Slack App.

Configure Kyso

Slack notifications can be configured at different levels:
  • Organization level. All the channels under an organization will inherit this configuration. That means, all the notifications related to that organization will use the same Slack channel. Requires organization admin role.
  • Channel level. Every channel can define their own slack notifications. If there is a configuration at organization level, that configuration will be overwritten by the channel configuration. Using this, you can define specific configuration per channel. Requires Full Access role.

Configure Slack Notifications at Organization Level

Login into Kyso, click on your avatar and select Settings.
Kyso Settings
Choose the desired organization in the left menu, select the tab Notifications and copy & paste the Bot User OAuth Token in the form Slack Token. Also, specify the destination channel in the input Slack Channel.
Open Slack, click on the destination channel and open the configuration by clicking on the title of the channel, at the top of the page.
Channel Configuration
Select the tab Integrations and click on the button Add an App.
Adding an Integration
Write the name of your app and click on the button Add.
Add the Kyso App
Well done! Your organization is now configured with Slack, to test it out just create a new report in your organization and check that you are receiving the notifications in the configured channel at Slack.
Kyso Notifications

Configure Slack Notifications at the Channel Level

The configuration process is exactly the same, but in the Channel Configuration page on your Kyso settings.
Kyso Channel Settings
Take into account that the slack token only can be defined at the Organization level, for security reasons.