Browsing Files & Versions

This page describes the viewing options for readers on Kyso reports

File Browsing

Readers can browse through the different files attached to the report.

Note that, by default, all files within a repository (folder) are imported into Kyso. To ensure certain files are not included in the import (example: images, data files, etc.) add a .kysoignore file to the directory and Kyso will not import those files.

You can have as many files, notebooks, etc.. within a project as you like.


For all reports published to Kyso, any new commits made will be reflected here. Kyso shows the latest version of a report by default, such that:

  • All changes are tracked and maintained.

  • Users can view previous versions of the report.

So this means that analyses/research is always up to date and the project's lifecycle is maintained.

The main file on a report can change when a new version is pushed, if that is preferred. Imagine a data science project workflow, whereby a user documents their thoughts, requirements, etc. in Kyso's markdown editor.

Later, they can clone the report from Kyso, move to the next stage of the project - e.g. modelling data in a Jupyter notebook. They can push the report back upstream to Kyso, now making the notebook the report's main file on this new version.

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