Syncing Git Repositories
This section will help you understand Kyso's Git integration so you can start automatically publishing reports on commit.

Kyso integrates with all 3 Git systems:

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  2. 2.
  3. 3.

How does it work?

Kyso allows you to import both public and private repositories from Git.
It's very easy to connect your VCS of choice with Kyso - all you need to do is navigate to the specific page on your Kyso dashboard by clicking New > [X] Import, where X is one of the three options above.
Remember that in order to ensure a successful import process, your repositories will need to be set up so Kyso can read in the metadata so it can properly structure your content. This is especially important if you're connecting multiple repositories or one repository with a lot of sub-directories intended to be published as their own individual Kyso reports. Read more about report metadata here:
Once you have synced any given repository to your Kyso account, every new commit you make to Git will be reflected on your Kyso dashboard immediately.

The Setup

Connecting Kyso to your account is pretty simple and similar for all 3 Version Control Systems.