How to Search
Kyso's search engine is super powerful, structured in such a way that users can easily find the content they're looking for, even when filtering through '000s of reports!

Searching within a Team

Team metadata search
In any team you have access to, you can simply enter your search queries you have access to, and refine your search further with tags.

Global Search

Using Elastic Search, Kyso also indexes full-text on the report body, such that end users are able to search by the internal content of project reports, on all reports across all Organisations and Teams you have access to.
Kyso's Global Search
Simply enter your search query in the top navigation bar input box - Kyso's global search. You can enter keywords or longer-tail strings and Kyso will return matching results.

Coming Soon to Search!!

In our next deployment, you will be able to narrow full-text search queries even further by selecting specific metadata like teams and tags. This allows the user to construct really complex search queries.
Note that your search queries are saved to the url, which you can share as you would a Kyso report!!!

Other search criteria

We want to continue making Kyso's search engine as powerful as possible! So we will continue to add enhancements to this feature, allowing you to search by other metadata variables - like specific authors for example - as well as to eventually create personalised feeds.
We'd be very happy to hear your feedback on what we should focus on next in this regard!! Reach out to us at [email protected] & let us know!