Git Metadata Capture

Learn how & what information is captured when publishing your work from through Git into Kyso.
When you create a report on Kyso, in the browser or from the Command Line, report metadata is created automatically. This is so users can browse through previous iterations of a project and track where & when changes are made, and by whom.
For Git–based reports, we've updated the report interface to also display the commit hash and provide links back to the source Git repository.
No additional action nor configuration is needed from the user. Simply integrate the Kyso CLI into your Git CI pipelines (see our docs on how to do that here), and Kyso will handle the rest.
This is how a Git-based report now looks on Kyso:
In the image on the left you can see both the link back to the main Git repository and to the specific commit hash of that report version. On the right, users can browse through previous iterations of the project on Kyso, with each version displaying it's own Git metadata, such as commit hash & creation date.