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This page describes how you can publish full websites for more complex data science projects - like Jupyter Books - to Kyso.
There is a little more to publishing full websites over simple, single-page HTML files. For this doc, we're going to use two separate examples. But do note that Kyso will render any website.

1. Jupyter Books
Jupyter Book Website on Kyso
A Jupyter Book is compiled to HTML from multiple Jupyter Notebooks, with optional JS and/or CSS styling. See Jupyter's gallery for examples:
We cover the basics of Jupyter Book creation in this document. Please refer to the official Jupyter documentation for more robust information on creating your Book reports:


First you need to install the jupyter-book package. You can install Jupyter Book via pip:
// pip install -U jupyter-book
or via conda-forge:
// conda install -c conda-forge jupyter-book
This will install everything you need to build a Jupyter Book locally.

Build your book's HTML

Once you’ve added content (notebooks) and configured your book, it’s time to build outputs for your book.
You can use the jupyter-book build command line tool for this. You should already have a collection of notebook/Markdown files in your mybookname/ folder, a _toc.yml file that defines the structure of your book, and any configuration you’d like in the _config.yml file.
Now that your book’s content is in your book folder and you’ve defined your book’s structure in _toc.yml, you can build the HTML for your book. Do so by running the following command:
// jupyter-book build mybookname/
This will generate a fully-functioning HTML site using a static site generator. The site will be placed in the _build/html folder, something like this:
└── html
├── _images
├── _static
├── index.html
├── intro.html
You can now publish to Kyso. Make sure you specify the main file in the reports YAML, for examples:

2. Bookdown Websites

This use case is for R users who compile their projects to HTML. Example:
Bookdown Website on Kyso
Very similar to Jupyter Books, you need to compile your R Markdown project files into HTML. Rather than duplicating documentation, follow the link below to learn how to do this:
Learn bookdown
As with Jupyter Books, make sure you specify that index.html or intro.html as your main entry point for the report on Kyso!
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