Task Management

How your team can manage Gitlab-esque tasks in comment threads directly on Kyso reports
As multiple versions are created on a Kyso report, users need a way to view & interact with a list of all comments on the report across different versions. We have created a report tab where users can view all comments made across a report’s entire lifecycle. Users can also now apply comment "statuses" to file & inline comments (similar to Google Docs), so teams can manage ongoing work needed on a project.
This is a Jupyter-based report, & so has inline comments.
Note that users can also apply comment statuses to file comments (i.e. comment threads on the right-hand side of a report, which pertain to the specific file that is currently open in the report. General report comments (at the bottom of a report) do not have task statuses.
We can make a comment on the report, and apply a status to it:
At the top of the report page, the author (or admins) can view a "Report Tasks" page to see all comments made on the report:
Tasks tab on a Kyso report
And users can views all comments / tasks here across versions, either as a list or kanban view:
Kanban View
List View
When a user clicks on a task, they are taken to that task with a status history of the comment thread & the cell or file to which the task pertains:
Task & comment thread history

Orphaned Tasks

Remember that because tasks are linked to a specific cell in a notebook report, if that cell is deleted on a new version of the report, this effects how you interact with that task.
Following the same steps from above, let's say you create a task on a report. In a later version, that cell is deleted. If you - or any other user - clicks on that task in the report tasks page, this will link you to the latest version of the report when the cell to which that task relates still exists.