Configuring the structure of Github imports

You can configure your import so that each of a repository's sub-directories are synced to Kyso as separate posts.

Different organisations have different workflows. Some teams like to have completely separate repositories for different data-science projects or the analytics for different departments. However, the most common structure we see from our users is that of big, repositories with many folders for their various projects and reports.

If a repository contains many different folders which would be better presented as different posts on Kyso you can do that. There are various fields you can add to your kyso.yaml to configure the behaviour you like.

  • Posts: All you need is to do is add a posts field to the kyso.yaml with a list of folders you want to include. Currently the child posts must be organised in folders, importing different files from one folder as different child posts is not possible.

    - folder1
    - folder2

    You can use wildcards, so for example, if you wanted to include all folders in the root directory just use:

    - "*"

    Or if you wanted to include all folders starting with "article" use:

    - "article*"

You must specify the posts field in order to import child posts.

  • main: this is the default main file for all the include posts - you can overwrite this on a per post basis (see below).

  • hideRoot: (optional - default is false) use this if you don't want the root repository appearing as its own Kyso post.

Deleting a repository with child posts

When you delete the parent repository all the child posts will be deleted too.

Overriding configurations in the child posts

You can add a kyso.yaml to each child folder and override any of the defaults the same as you do when your importing just one repo. For example, you could have a repository with kyso.yaml in the root directory:

main: main.ipynb
hideRoot: true
- "*"

Above we've specified the default name for all main files, have hidden our from our Kyso dashboard and are pulling in all folders within the repository.

In any given folder, we could have another kyso.yaml like so:

title: "Project Title"
description: "Project description."
main: notebook.ipynb
preview: "images/preview.png"
- tag1
- tag2
- tag3

And now we have overridden the defaults for this individual sub-directory on Kyso.

Note: Nested imports coming soon!