Introducing Kyso's Github Integration

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Kyso now integrates with GitHub to streamline your workflow. This new feature will make it easier to deploy live code living on Github as rendered Kyso publications - beautiful blog-posts. You can now import entire repositories from Github directly into Kyso in seconds. Kyso hosts the published notebooks, and you can also extend these projects by forking into a Jupyterlab environment.

github img in kyso

Set Up: How to import my Jupyter Notebooks from Github?

Step 1: Log in to Kyso with your Github account. If you do not login with Github, you will be prompted to do so on the github import page. Click on "New Notebok", which gives you the option to upload a file, start up a new Jupyterlab environment or to import from Github.

kyso list published jupyter notebooks

Step 2: Select the repository you wish to import. Here you can choose from a list of your repos that contain jupyter notebook files, or you can simply paste any public Github url. Click "Select" to take you to the next page.

kyso list the repos from github

Step 3: As you can see on the page below, all of the notebooks in your chosen repository will be available. The process we currently run is simple: choose a notebook as your main file for the import and we will render this notebook as a Kyso blog post.

main github notebook selected in kyso

That's it!!! Your repository has been imported and your main notebook file has been published to your Kyso profile!

Where are the rest of my notebooks and files?

Note that all other notebooks and files within your chosen repository will also be imported to Kyso. If you wish to access any of these files, simply fork the now published notebook to open up a new Jupyterlab environment on Kyso. All files from the original Github repository are there to edit & extend.

fork a jupyter in kyso

This is particularly useful for those of you with repositories that contain a lot of jupyter notebooks. Instead of having to manually upload each file, you can now import the entire repository to Kyso, with all of your other notebooks and files available to access effortlessly!!!

In the future, you will have access to a file browser on the published notebook, enabling you to change the main file to render, or to even publish another notebook to a different repository altogether!