Creating a team on Kyso
This is a guide to creating your first Kyso team, so your company can start making data-driven decisions.

Create an account

Head over to and create your Kyso account. All we need is your email and username.

Create your team

You will be redirected to your starter personal dashboard, as seen in the image below.
Personal Kyso Dashboard
Click Create Team from the left-hand side navigation bar or click on Set up your team on Kyso on the main screen.
Creating a team on Kyso is super simple. You only need to enter your billing details and choose your team's name. We charge $5 per user per month, but the first 5 users are free forever. This means that will not be charged anything until you add your sixth user.
Enter your team's name and billing information. You can pay monthly or yearly.
Click Pay and Create Team.

Team Settings

On your team's dashboard, click Settings.
On this next page you have a few options here. You can specify an access domain, so that only people with a specific email address can join the team, as well as the signup method required to access the team's Kyso dashboard.
Kyso Team Settings

Adding Colleagues

On this page you also have the option to add the rest of your team. There are 3 tiers of Kyso users:
  • Admins - those who control access permissions (and can also post and edit content).
  • Editors - those who create, post and edit content.
  • Viewers - those who consume content posted to the team by editors and admins.
To add viewers, you can simply send the joining link at the top of this page by email. Note that anyone joining the team via this method will be automatically assigned as a viewer - they cannot post or edit content, only read and comment.
To add other admins or editors, down at the bottom, you can add members individually. Simply input their email address (or their Kyso username if they already have an account), choose their role (e.g. Editor if you want them to be able to post content, and click Add Member. They will receive an email with joining information.
And that's it! Your team is set up and ready to start learning from your data. Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Switching Context

You can now switch between your personal and team dashboards. Simply click on your avatar in the far upper left-hand corner to switch between the two.
Switching Scope on Kyso
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