Report Collaboration

How to collaborate with your colleagues right on the reports themselves..
Note that depending on your individual access level, you might not have the permission to make comments!

File-specific Commenting

Users can make comments on specific files on the right hand side of a report.
File-specific Commenting
It is important for users to remember that these comments are file specific. So if one makes a comment on the main PowerPoint file, but then browses to a separate .png file in the report, that comment will disappear from view while browsing.

Inline Commenting

Users can comment directly on a specific Jupyter notebook cell on Kyso - whether that be code input or a graphical output - just as they would on Google Docs or Notion.
Inline Comments
Remember that, because inline comments rely on cell ids, if one makes a comment on a specific cell, and later the author makes changes/updates the report, deleting that cell in the process, that comment will also be removed when the new version is pushed back to Kyso.

Global Commenting

Users can also collaborate project-wide with colleagues by making comments at the bottom of the reports.
Here you can ask questions, provide feedback to the authors and discuss results. Every time a new comment is made, the author receives an email notification. If someone responds to your individual comment, you will also receive an email notification.