Report Collaboration
How to collaborate with your colleagues right on the reports themselves..

Current: Blog-style Commenting

Users can also collaborate with colleagues by making comments on the reports. The comments can be found by scrolling to the end of the reports.
Here you can ask questions, provide feedback to the authors and discuss results. Every time a new comment is made, the author receives an email notification. If someone responds to your individual comment, you will also receive an email notification.
Note that depending on your individual access level, you might not have the permission to make comments.

Making a comment

Simply navigate to the bottom of a report, input your text and click "Post Comment". You can tag your colleagues in comments and they will receive an email notification. Authors of reports will automatically be notified when people engage on their research.

Replying to a comment

Replies work the exact same way as making a comment. If you're responding to a specific question or discussion on a report, we recommend replying to that specific point rather than making a general comment, for the purpose of a more comprehensible conversation for new/future readers

Coming Soon: Inline Commenting

We will be working to improve upon this functionality with inline commenting, in which readers can reference individual cells - highlighting text or code and making a Google Doc style comment, which then notifies the authors via email.
We envision this style of commenting will be better for fluidity of conversation on reports.