Discussion Features
What actions can you take on a discussion?
Once you have created a discussion, everyone on your team will be able to view it, follow its activity and even get involved in the conversation if they have something to contribute to the topic in question.

Commenting and Tagging

Anyone on the team can now make a comment on your discussion. You can also tag your colleagues directly in the comments and they will receive an email notification.
Commenting and tagging your colleagues

Project Assignment

If there is a request for more information or report as a result of the discussion you can assign someone to let everyone else on the team know that there is work in progress.
Assigning colleagues
Soon, you will be able to link these projects directly to a discussion and track the work.

Resolving Discussions

Team admins and the person who created the discussion can mark any comment as the answer. This can be changed in the future if they so wish. The discussion will remain open for further activity.
Marking a discussion as answered

Closing a discussion

Similar to resolving a discussion, only team admins and the person who created the discussion can close it. However, the difference is that once a discussion is closed, any further activity will be disabled unless the discussion is re-opened in the future.
Closing a discussion
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