General Discussion
Discussions is Kyso's latest feature, designed to inspire more conversation about data-based reports and other content and to organise inbound requests to the data team.
Anyone on your team can start a discussion, tag other people around the organisation and directly assign collaborators. The feature will become more comprehensive over the next few weeks with report linking, project tracking, task management integration, and much more.
Some of the many benefits of leveraging Discussions include:
  • Allows questions and requests from non-technical stakeholders directly to the data team, and provide feedback on existing analyses.
    • The value here is that the data-science team can react to what the rest of the company needs and also see the result of experiments.
  • Gives your new hires access to a searchable knowledge base with everything they need to know to get started in their new role.
  • Uncovers previously siloed information gleaned from data and data insights.
  • Creates a more data-driven culture by encouraging all stakeholders and teams to contribute to greater business value by making more data-based business decisions.
Last modified 17d ago
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